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Different names?

Q: In-floor, in-slab, under-tile, underfloor ... are they all just the same thing with different names?

A: Floor heating is a term which covers a wide range of heating applications, systems and products. There are a lot of other terms and descriptions commonly used for floor heating concepts – including in floor heating, in-floor heating, underfloor heating, slab heating, in-slab heating, tile heating and under-tile heating.

This can be confusing. But most of these different variations actually refer to the same general concepts and are basically interchangeable. However at P.A.P. we tend to refer to our general range of floor heating (or in-floor heating) solutions – but then draw the distinction between two specific categories within this range: 1. In-slab heating and  2. Under-tile heating systems.

In-slab v under-tile?

Q : What's the difference between in-slab
and under-tile heating?

A: In-slab heating uses heating cables embedded in a concrete slab floor to provide heating. The slab stores the heat at night and releases it to provide continuous warmth during the day. Generally in-slab heating systems are considered for new buildings or projects where they can installed when the slab is poured (although they can also be used in renovations and fitted to some existing buildings) » more on in-slab heating

Under-tile heating is a floor heating system designed more for existing homes with either cement or timber floors where the heating is provided by cables or heating mats in screed (and often under tiles). This type of heating is also known as 'demand heating' due to its ability to heat up quickly - which makes it very popular for use in tiled areas - such as bathrooms
» more on under-tile heating

Under carpet?

Q: Can Tile Heating be installed under carpet?

A: Yes. However, the heating cable must have a screed covering to a minimum depth of 15mm. This ensures adequate heat dispersal and protection for the element.

We recommend low pile wool carpet. Tile Heating (or in-screed heating) under carpet is not the same product as a rug heater or carpet heater. Our product is installed as a permanent addition to the floor surface and cannot be seen when you lift the rug or carpet thereafter.
» more on under-tile heating | Download - Tile Heating Fact Sheet (PDF)

Slab Issues?

Q: Can in-slab heating crack the slab?

A: No - the operating temperature will not damage the slab - and the sun generally subjects most exposed floor to temperatures considerably higher than this.

Q: Can fixtures trap the heat from in-slab heating systems, causing problems?

A: This is not really an issue as heat created in the ‘thermal mass’ of the slab is very gentle and soaks evenly resulting in a very subtle comfort environment. As a result virtually any form of floor - carpeting, wood or ceramic finish - can be laid on the surface.

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