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Other heating applications

Reptile Enclosures

• Recommended product is » ELEKTRA DM20
• Heating should be at 200-220W/m2 depending on requirements
• Cable should be spaced at between 80-100mm and covered with a protective layer of self levelling compound 6-8mm depth
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Agricultural / Horticultural applications

With ease of installation and low running costs floor heating is the perfect solution for a range of agricultural and horticultural applications.

Pig pens / Cowsheds

Pig pens should be warm, ventilated and well lit – microclimatic conditions are important for the health, comfort and productivity of the animals. Floor heating is an ideal solution for providing the temperature control required in these situations as it ensures:

• temperature control through a temperature controller and sensor
• regular temperature distribution
• individual control of each pen
• flexibility with cable location
• dry floors

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Plant propagation

Due to easy installation and low running costs heating cables are ideal for aiding plant growth in commercial propagation systems. 

Plants grown with warm soil are generally healthier and produce better yields.  Greenhouses using heating cables can be used more effectively for much longer periods of time – with heated beds providing advantages for both cutting establishment and ongoing growth of seedlings.

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