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Health & Comfort

Creating a healthy environment

Floor heating creates an environment which helps to eliminate or minimize the ‘trigger factors’ that can cause allergic reactions. With electric floor heating no material from combustion is generated or circulated, nor are dust particles or other airborne allergy ‘triggers’ distributed. Minimizing allergic reactions also involves maintaining a uniform temperature whilst minimizing the build-up or disturbance of dust.

Adequate ventilation, effective removal of moisture and fumes, direct sunlight and the circulation of fresh filtered air also help to achieve this.

Maintaining a comfortable environment

Floor heating provides a superior heating solution in terms of maintaining a comfortable environment to live, work and play in. If our environment causes our rate of heat loss to become too high then we feel cold. The reaction of our bodies to lowering temperature is to initially reduce blood circulation to our outer limbs, to our feet and hands in particular, in order to conserve heat.

Because of our immediate association between low temperatures and foot discomfort, any heating system which applies warmth to this end of our body is felt to be of particular benefit.

Warm feet = comfort

The physiological link between foot comfort and body comfort in general has been documented by many authorities, including the CSIRO.

If our feet are warm, we feel warm at a lower air temperature. At an air temperature of around 18°C we feel comfortable if the floor temperature ensures that we have warm feet.

This means that by efficiently warming the floor, energy can be saved by not needing to maintain higher room temperatures.


Effective use of thermostats

The temperature control of electric floor heating can also be far more effective than heating systems.

Separate thermostat controls for each room or zone allow for independent control of heating capacities which can then be tailored to the needs of each area.

Alternative systems often employ only a single thermostat controlling the whole system.

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