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In-Slab Heating

The off-peak advantage

In-slab heating uses heating cables embedded in a concrete slab floor to provide home heating. The slab stores the heat at night and releases it to provide continuous warmth to the home during the day. It also takes advantage of off-peak heating rates - and can be used in combination with other systems or as stand-alone heating using some day-rate energy.

In-slab heating
is generally used in new constructions but can also be used on top of an existing slab - providing there is a sufficient top cover of new cement of at least 25mm.


In-slab heating involves the installation of an electronic element to the concrete reinforcement mesh prior to the cement pour.This is usually done as close to the day of pouring as possible. Cables are pre-tested before leaving the factory - rested prior to the concrete pour and then tested again before connection to the electrical supply.

Once the cement has been poured the new slab must be left for 6-8 weeks before the system is switched on.

Heat storage bank

The slab acts as a heat storage bank which warms up during off-peak times - while heat dissipates from the slab throughout the day.

The system can also be set to come on for a pre-determined at-day rate as heating requirements increase towards the end of the day.

Houses can be zoned so that each individual area that can be closed off with a door has its own thermostat allowing areas to be heated to different temperatures - or to leave some areas turned off when unoccupied for long periods.

Complete range of services

P.A.P. Heating Solutions offers a full design, quotation and installation service for in-slab heating.  Installation includes the supply of heating elements, thermostats and wiring for the system.

We can work with both owner/builders and large scale and commercial builders - and can also advice your electrical contractor of the power requirements for your system.

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