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P.A.P. Heating Solutions use only premium cables and components – all system components must meet the highest trade standards.


We are the Australian importers, distributors and designers for the premium quality ELEKTRA Heating Cables. These unique cables provide reliable and efficient heating solutions across a range of projects and applications: from in-slab heating in houses and commercial buildings through to antifrost systems to protect pipes, valves, gutters and cold room doors. These cables perform to the highest standards in terms of resistance, insulation and durability and are quality assured to ISO 9002 and ISO 9001.


ELEKTRA DM20 Twin In-Screed Heating Cable

‘Quick response’ heating system installed on top of existing floors in a cement screed or self-levelling compound – can be installed under many different floor surfaces which radiate heat easily, such as tiles, slate, stone, low pile carpet and some wooden floor panels
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Suitable for existing buildings
In floor / Under-tile
Heating Mat
In-floor heating mat
ELEKTRA In-floor Heating Mat

Uses a  twin heating cable on a fibreglass mat fixed directly to a prepared floor (in a screed) and can be installed under floors which radiate heat easily – such as floor tiles, slate, low pile carpet and some wooden floor panels
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ELEKTRA VCD35 Twin Heating Cable

Suitable for new buildings as an in-slab heating system or it can be installed after construction in a 25mm cement-based screed under many different flooring surfaces including timber, stone, tiles (ceramic and vinyl) parquetry and low pile carpets » more details

Suitable for new constructions / renovations
In-Slab Heating Cables


Frost Protection Heating Cable

ELEKTRA VCD10 Twin Frost Protection Heating Cable

VCD10 twin frost protection cables are designed to prevent freezing, icing and/or snow capping – ideal for use in cold rooms or to prevent driveways freezing – plus other outdoor applications in colder climates.

Suitable for cold storage room floors – ice & snow conditions
Twin Frost Protection Heating Cable


Self-regulating Antifrost System
ELEKTRA SelfTec Self-regulating Antifrost System

Automatically adjusts (self regulates) cable temperature so that the basic operational conditions are maintained to protect water supply lines, valves, pipes, gutters, compressed air or hydraulic cylinders and other objects that are likely to fail due to low temperatures » more details

Suitable for protecting pipes, valves & gutters in alpine areas.
OJ Thermostats

This range of standard thermostats, clock thermostats and thermostats with limitation sensor and regulator has been specially developed for control of electrical floor heating and their functionality, elegant, simple design and accuracy make them the perfect system to control floor heating solutions.
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OJ Thermostats


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P.A.P. Heating Solutions has the experience and expertise to provide the perfect floor heating system for any application – anywhere in Australia. We offer a full design service – as well as supplying and installing floor heating throughout a nationwide network of agents / stockists – including Thermal Products in Thomastown, Victoria (pictured above) » more

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